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Hi Friend, My name is Pulak Banerjee the founder of INFOBEAST2EARN. I am currently working in a medical company for the last few years. I have been doing blogging since 2018 and have worked as a content writer, translator, and logo designer also. I have experience of almost 6 years in the investment industry. I have seen many ups and downs while investing my money. I have also tried many new things to earn extra money and in most of the cases, I earned from there. I am passionate to share all my learnings and experiences of money investing, earning money online, some passive income tips, some tips on how to be financially free to my readers and every person who wants to invest, wants to earn money from online, or wants to be financially free.

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Aways try to learn something. This can help you to grow in life. Whenever you stop learning, you will not be able to prosper in life. It is the main key to get success. So book reading can be the best way to get knowledge. Try to read books as well as gain knowledge from whereever you can.