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Here we will discuss all the practical ways that “6 simple ways to earn money online without investment”. In this pandemic situation, many people are losing their job. Which is very pathetic.

Many people do not have even a shade to stay safe. Now everybody wants to earn some extra money.

But most people just failed because of some small reason. Some people do not have the patience to continue with the work.

You need to remember that nothing is going to happen over the night. Students, housewives, or anyone who has a little bit of free time can do this.

If you want to earn money online and want to be your boss, you have to give some time.

But it is guaranteed that if you keep patience and can continue with the work, you will succeed. Just you need to have believed in yourself.

Before you know that “6 simple ways to earn money online without investment” just remember that–

6 simple ways to earn money online
6 simple ways to earn money online


So just start from today and keep working with passion. It will give you success. These steps are very simple to follow.

If you just have a smartphone then you can do all the works. So let’s learn all the steps–

1. Refer and earn.2.Freelancing.
3.Online teaching.4. A Virtual assistant.
5.Youtube videos in regional language.6.Write a blog or shoot a blog.

Refer and earn (6 simple ways to earn money online)

This is the easiest and genuine way to earn online. Here you don’t need to have any kind of skills in you.

Just you need to understand the process properly and you have to update yourself from time to time that which app or site is coming in the market who are giving the option of referring and earn.

Here you don’t need to invest any kind of money to open an account in that app or site. Like-


UPSTOX is a very big company now. It is also supported by MR. RATAN TATA. So you can trust it.

Here you can open a Demat account for free. Yes, it is free. Nothing will be charged. After opening, you don’t have to trade from here.

You can see that there is the option of referring and earn. From there you need to share with your friend and ask them just to open the account for free.

They also don’t need to do trading from here and also don’t need to invest money.

If they just open the account from your referral link, then you will get 500 hundred rupees for each account. Yes, it is 500 hundred rupees per account.

So you can try this. Like this, many genuine apps are giving refer and earn section and you don’t need to invest anything.

Just update yourself from time to time to know about the apps and sites.

6 simple ways to earn money online
6 simple ways to earn money online

Freelancing ( 6 simple ways to earn money online )

In the US more than one-third of their population do freelancing. You can also do freelancing very easily.

For this, you don’t need to have any special skill in you. Just you need to give time.

There are many options for a freelancer available in the market. Globally freelance industry is worth 30 billion-plus dollars.

Marketing, website designing, photoshop, translation there are so many options available for you.

Now you are thinking that you don’t know photoshop, website designing right.?

No problem there are many other options like you can work as a translator.

In today’s world, everybody knows at least 2 to 3 languages including your mother tongue.

Then you can work as a translator. And believe me, this is very easy. Also if you want then you can learn many skills for free.

Because today you can get any information for free just because of the internet.

If you want to know where to get these freelancing jobs then you can visit- FREELANCER, TRUELANCER, UPWORK E.T.C. You can start with a short time investment like 1 hour in a day.

6 simple ways to earn money online
6 simple ways to earn money online

Online teaching ( 6 simple ways to earn money online )

We all have at least one skill in us. But we could not find the right platform to publish it. Nowadays every person is dependent on the internet.

We all are using the internet. It can be for entertainment, reading, learning E.T.C.

If you have any skill or if you can teach any subject like math, history, life science E.T.C then you can work as an online teacher.

As we all know now corona pandemic is going on and every student is taking online classes.

You can also start something new. Like you can teach how to do yoga, how the student can use their free time in this pandemic situation, E.T.C.

Yes, I know that this type of topic is a little bit different.

But yes, you need to find the different topics from others.

Make sure you visit here to earn up to 8 % interest in your saving account or current account without doing FD.

A virtual assistant (6 simple ways to earn money online)–

There are many more companies available in the market who need an assistant but there are some cons.

Like as they are small companies that is why they can’t afford a full-time assistant who will help them in their work.

For this company need to pay a good amount of money because the assistant is doing a full-time job.

As well as there are many more expenses like provident fund, health insurance, office expenses E.T.C.

So the companies want an assistant who will assist them as per their need. That is why there are no bindings.

The assistant can do any other work he/she wants in his/her free time. As well as the assistant can do his/her work from home.

The company will pay as per the work. It is a very good option for that company who can’t effort a full-time assistant as well as for the assistant.

Youtube videos in regional language ( 6 simple ways to earn money online )–

Many people want to open a YOUTUBE channel. But the big mistake most people do is – they just copy others.

If they have seen any kind of income-proof video or something which influences them for the time being then they will open a youtube channel instantly.

They copy the niche or topic also.

Like if anyone is making money with a tech channel then everybody will open a tech channel but maybe they don’t have any technical knowledge.

But if you want success then you need to first select a niche of your choice or expertise.

Then don’t go with the language that you don’t know properly or you are not comfortable enough. Make a channel in regional language.

If you notice then there are many channels available in the regional language in YOUTUBE and they have a huge subscriber available in their channel.

But you need to give valuable content or entertaining content.

You need to make regular videos. Remember that success will not come overnight but if you do it properly and can maintain regularity then you will be successful.

Here you can start if you have a smartphone. You don’t need to invest money.

6 simple ways to earn money online
6 simple ways to earn money online

Want to know how to manage personal finance .?

Write a blog or shoot a blog ( 6 simple ways to earn money online )–

If you are starting a YOUTUBE channel then you have one more option that can shoot your daily lifestyle.

But if you are not comfortable enough to face the camera then there is one more option that is you can start blogging.

Here you don’t need to face any camera. Nobody is looking at you. You can share your skill, experience by writing a blog.

Here also you need to select or choose a topic to write on.

Here also you can choose any language but this is a suggestion that to go with the language you can write properly.

You can start a blog without investing. You can start with blogger.com. It is free.

Once your earning gets started then you can invest some money to purchase a domain and hosting.

But you can start and also can earn from blogger.com. There are many blogs available that are hosted in blogger.

The site has a good number of visitors. A student can also start these steps to earn online. Just need to have a smartphone with the internet.

6 simple ways to earn money online
6 simple ways to earn money online

There may some other ways to earn money online. But these are some genuine steps we discussed here.

If you follow these steps you can earn money online. But as said before you just have to remember that you will not get success overnight.

You need to keep patience and need to maintain regularity.

So start from today because you need to remember that the best day to start something new is today. So just get up and start as soon as possible.

It is possible that you can face some difficulties at the starting phase but it will be very smooth day by day if you work hard and smart.


1.Can I earn money online without investment?

Yes, you can earn money online without investment. Like if you can write, then you can search for a job on Freelancer, True lancer E.T.C.

You can find many other options there that you can do without investing.

2.How can I earn money sitting at home?

As we discussed before, you can do many genuine things to earn from home.

Like you can start a Youtube channel, can start a blog, can work as a freelancer.

Read the article carefully to know more.

3.Earn money online without investment for students?

Yes, students can also earn money online easily. They just need to give some time.

The best thing will be to work as a freelancer. You can do freelancing in any field you want.

If you have any skills then you can do it. If you don’t have any skills then you can work as a translator. ( Like Hindi to English, English to Bengali E.T.C.).

4.How to earn money with Google.?

Google has many platforms. If you work in a proper way then you can earn a decent amount of money.

Like you can start a Youtube channel, can start a blog E.T.C. These are all Google products.

5.Best sites to earn money online in India–

There are many genuine sites available in the market. If you work consistently then you can also earn money online.

It is depending on you, that what kind of work you want to do to earn. Like you can visit Fiverr, can visit Upwork E.T.C.

If you have any other questions on this then please comment below.

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