7 best short-term investment schemes| No 3 will shock you !.

short-term investment

short-term investment- I just want to tell you first that you should always go with long-term investment whenever it is possible. If there is any kind of need that you have to invest in some short-term instruments then do not select it. Because long-term investment can help you more than a short-term investment. It can …

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GMP of IPO | What is GMP in IPO? | Best explain in 2021


GMP of IPO– Many people who are investing in the stock market know about what is IPO. But most of them don’t have any ideas on GMP. The full form of GMP is- Grey Market Premium. If you are investing in stocks or you want to invest in stocks then you need to know about …

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What is direct mutual fund plan? | Best explain in 2021

What is direct mutual fund plan?

What is direct mutual fund plan?- We all know about Mutual funds. But there are mainly two types of plans in mutual funds. 1.DIRECT MUTUAL FUND PLAN. 2.REGULAR MUTUAL FUND PLAN. But we will mainly discuss direct mutual funds today. If you want to invest your money in mutual funds you should know about these …

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What are ELSS funds? | Best explained in 2021

What are ELSS funds?

What are ELSS funds?– We all know about mutual funds. So ELSS is a type of mutual fund. It is basically for those who want to save their taxes. Here we will talk about all pros and cons of ELSS funds. Do you guys know the full form of ELSS? Most of you may don’t …

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What are the debt Funds? | Important 7 facts

What are the debt Funds?

What are the debt Funds? Here we will talk about this instrument that can give you a fixed return. We all want to raise our money. And we know that if we want to grow our money then we have to invest our money. So mutual funds can be a good option for you. But …

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Equity vs debt funds | Best comparison in 2021

Equity vs debt funds

Equity vs debt funds– you need to know about a mutual fund first. Then you will understand this. You should know how a mutual fund works, what is a mutual fund e.t.c. To know about mutual funds you can check this site. These are a type of mutual funds. You all want to know that …

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What is Initial public offering? | Best explain in 2021

What is Initial public offering?

What is Initial public offering?– Many of us invest in the share market but don’t know fully about Initial Public Offering. They just know that it is related to the share market. When a company wants to raise money from the public, then the company has to enroll itself in the share market. You can …

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