How to earn money by WHATSAPP status | Important 3 things

How to earn money by WHATSAPP status
How to earn from WHATSAPP
“How to earn money by WHATSAPP status” is a big question. There are many ways to earn from WHATSAPP but you need to remember one thing that WHATSAPP has no direct monetization policy you have to find some other ways.

If you have some close contact in your WHATSAPP then it will be very helpful to you.

Just understand things carefully. Remember one thing that you will not be a millionaire from here but you can earn like 5000-10,000 quickly.
You can use refer and earn platform.

Find a FAQ section at the end.

Let’s discuss the process–

If you have some close contacts like your father, mother, the brother then it will be very helpful to you. There are some very good refer and earn platforms like 5 paise, UPSTOX, grow.

Here you just need to open an account for free. You don’t need to invest any money to open this account.

After opening you just have to share or refer that to your closed ones like father, brother, friends who can open that account from your link.

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Refer and earn(How to earn money by WHATSAPP status)-

For example, if you open an account in UPSTOX and share your referral with your closed ones and they open the account from your code then you will get five hundred rupees for each account.

Like the grow app will give you 100 rupees for each account.

Here you can also use INSTAMOJO. If you don’t have an INSTAMOJO account then create it first.

Then if you are referring someone and if he/she opens an INSTAMOJO account using your referral code then you and he/she will get 500/- RUPEES each.

As I said earlier if you have some close contacts then you can also transfer their money to your account and by that, your earning will be high.

Here is the link to What’s app web. Click here to avail the What’s app web.

Some genuine facts ( How to earn money by WHATSAPP status )-

There are many other ways to earn from WHATSAPP. Like you can run your business from here as well as you can use this platform to promote something.

It is the only place from where you can earn a decent amount of money quickly by refer and earn process.

Otherwise, in my opinion, there is nothing in the market which can give you instant money.

There is no shortcut. You need to work hard as well as you need to work smartly to be successful in life.

WHATSAPP is a genuine platform. If you have that skill then you can use it smartly. Here is some business ideas or process which you can do to earn from WHATSAPP.

How to earn money by WHATSAPP status
How to earn from WHATSAPP

How to earn money by WHATS APP status–

If you want to know that “How to earn money by WHATSAPP status” then you need to know some facts before that.

Do you know that most of the WHATSAPP user is from INDIA..? Yes, almost 40 crore WHATSAPP user is from INDIA.

We all use WHATSAPP to talk, to chat we do video calls, and recently we are using “WHATSAPP PAYMENT” also.

It is the most used “USEFUL” app in our daily life. We also use it for official purposes through groups, broadcast groups.

But do you know that by using this WHATSAPP you can create your own business?. You can make a BRAND from here, you can create a good income also, and you can create your career also.

Here, I will tell you how you can create your customer base, just like a shop, and can sell your products and services to earn.

BUSINESSES FROM WHATSAPP(How to earn money by WHATSAPP status)

          Nowadays, many businesses doing their business offline and online also, just to grow their businesses. And if you think wisely you will understand that this is the future.

I am going to tell you about the “DIGITAL SHOWROOM” here.

This app is for those who want to be an ENTREPRENEUR or can be a seller already, just want to keep their feet into the online market.,

Or you have a shop, and just want to increase sales, or you can also sell homemade products or handicrafts.

How to earn money by WHATSAPP status
How to earn from WHATSAPP

*DIGITAL SHOWROOM(How to earn money by WHATSAPP status)







Details of WHATSAPP earning(How to earn money by WHATSAPP status)–

       Just need to set up your store, and bank details to receive your payments, and your DIGITAL SHOWROOM will be ready. And the unique point is, it is an-MADE IN INDIA APP.

It is made by “DOTPE”, you need to know that during this CORONA PANDEMIC.

This company helped many restaurants to take online orders and contactless payments.

Now DOTPE made this DIGITAL SHOWROOM APP for all kinds of businesses by this any businesses can sell their product and service through WHATSAPP.

How to earn money by WHATSAPP status
How to earn from WHATSAPP

Now the process is ( How to earn money by WHATSAPP status )-

First, you need to download the app from the google play store. You will find it by the name of -DIGITAL SHOWROOM BY DOTPE.

1.After downloading, you need to put your phone number, to create OTP.

2.After giving OTP, you need to enter your store name.

3.Then, you need to enter your shop/store address. (OR YOU CAN ENTER YOUR HOME ADDRESS)

4.Then, you need to select the bank in which you want to take payments

5.Then, you need to put your BANK DETAILS (OR YOU CAN SELECT “LATER” OPTION)

6.Now it is ready to trade. Now you can add product, product name, price. you can also see how the customers can see your shop.

you can also mark your product out of stock if you don’t have it.. similarly, you can choose in stock.

Now the important thing is, how will you reach your customer, for that, you will see the option “SHARE SHOP ” right side below in the application.

After pressing that, you will be redirected to WHATSAPP, and then you can share anybody, and they can buy your products.

You need to understand that everything is getting digitalized now. You need to also change your business ideas or pattern, then only you will be able to grow your business.

If you want to know how to be financially free then click here. These are some genuine and practical steps


1.How can I earn money by WhatsApp?

As you know it will not give a direct monetization option, so you can do affiliate marketing by What’s app.

You can drive traffic to your blog or Youtube channel. Read the article to get more ideas.

2.How to monetize what’s app status?

Many people are recommending Dhruv app for this. But I will suggest that to use what’s app status to promote something.

Like you can promote your blog, Youtube channel
as well as you can do business from here. Read the article to know more.

3.Can I really earn from what’s app?

See, you know that what’s app is not giving the chance to monetize it directly. But it is one of the most useful apps we have today.

So you can do some different thing from here like business or you can promote your other platforms.

Please don’t make it complicated, that you are downloading this and that app to earn or sharing something wrong. That will affect you.

So be simple and try the things which you can really do easily from what’s app.

I would suggest that you can do business from here or you can use this to promote something.

4.Is what’s app an earning app.?

What’s app is not an earning app. You can use this to earn from somewhere else.

As we discussed before, by this article you will get a clear idea.

If you have any other questions on this topic please comment below.

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